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Innovation is simply too important to be left to chance. Defining and building a sustainable, repeatable innovation capability within your organization requires commitment focus and discipline.

Salvatore is committed to meet and exceed customer’s expectations by providing common tools, techniques and approaches to generate and evaluate ideas that businesses can implement successfully into their ongoing operations and strategies.

Salvatore has a proven record of innovation and technological advances dedicated to the continuous improvement of the products, processes and business opportunities.

Since 2012, Salvatore has been awarded two patents and four trademarks some of which have been assigned to a nationally recognized orthopedic company for the purposes of product commercialization. They continue to consult on various projects specifically focusing on medical device product innovation and value engineering.

Intellectual Property

Sofia Orthopaedics®
United States Trademark Registration Number 5,154,297
Issued March 7, 2017
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Cervical Collar with Independent Height and Circumference Adjustability
United States Patent Number 8,932,243
Issued January 13, 2015
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United States Trademark Registration Number 4,543,793
Issued June 3, 2014
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United States Trademark Registration Number 4,543,792
Issued June 3, 2014
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Cervical Collar Having A Flexible Chin Support
United States Patent Number 8,657,768
Issued February 25, 2014
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